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Sedation Dentistry in Woodside NY

Sedation Dentistry in Woodside NY

Many of us fear to visit a dentist or undergo dental phobias. The anxiety could be in form of pain or trauma that one need to undergo during the course of the treatment. Sedation dentistry will help patients to undergo complex surgical treatments in just one visit. The patient will be made to relax via sedatives. During this process a patient will feel no pain or discomfort. Our dental practice at Woodside, New York is more concerned about your oral care. We will overcome your dental fear by way of sedation dentistry.

Oral sedation allows you to relax and focus on feeling peaceful rather than anxious. When you are afraid you become hypersensitive to every sensation, every pricks and noise. In this heightened state of anxiety you may experience more pain during and after the treatment. However this can be overcome by sedation dentistry.

The main purpose of sedation dentistry is to make you more relaxed and comfortable during the course of the treatment. With the help of sedation dentistry, patients will not feel the pain, yet one will remain awake and in conscious state of mind. When a patient is given oral sedation, hours seem to pass like mere minutes so that necessary treatments can be performed comfortably. When you are relaxed you allow your dentist to work more efficiently by focusing on the job. Your dentist will decide which medication is appropriate for your treatment.

Forms of Sedation Dentistry:

Sedation can be off various types. The most common and widely used mode of sedation is inhalation sedation. Nitrous oxide also called as laughing gas is being used by dentist for nearly 100 years. It acts as an excellent pain reliever. Patients are administered to inhale the gas through nasal hood which is placed over the nose. It is extremely safe and all bodily functions remain normal.

Intravenous sedation also known as IV Sedation is a one where the sedatives are injected directly into the blood stream through the veins. The main advantage of this method is that it works immediately and the level of sedation can be adjusted accordingly.

Sedation Dentistry at Woodside / New York:

Talk to our dentist at Smile Savers Online Care about your phobias and concerns so that you can decide on the best treatment for you. Remember dentistry has come a long way. Years of intensive research have been put into practice to alleviate pain and anxiety. There are several safe and time tested options available to ensure that you have a peaceful and painless dental experience. Step out from the shadow of fear and you don’t have to be afraid anymore because sedation dentistry is here to take care of you. Our dental practice is based at Woodside in New York.

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