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Imaplant Dentistry Woodside NY

Imaplant Dentistry Woodside NY

Implant dentistry are one of the most reliable long term method of tooth replacement. Numerous studies have found out that the success rate of implant dentistry is over 95% in the last 25 years. Our dental practice based at Woodside, New York offer the best implant dentistry to the community of this city.

How Implant Dentistry is carried out?

An implant replacement tooth consists of several parts. A small tiny titanium post shaped like a screw is placed into the jawbone beneath the gum. The post is made to fuse with the jawbone and the process is called osseointegration. This normally provides a solid basis of long lasting support. Once the implant has fused with the bone, a crown is attached to it for the long lasting of the dental implant.

To make implant dentistry more successful it requires careful planning. Your dental surgeon will examine your previous dental as well as general health records and take appropriate steps. You may have to undergo various medical tests like radiographs X-rays, CT scans. The medical tests are needed to determine the condition of your jaw bone such as nerves, blood vessels, sinus cavities and the required number of implants necessary to do the job. Your dental surgeon will also determine the biting force, type of crowns and bridgework during the course of the treatment.

The quality of the bone which includes volume and density is very much important in ensuring success of a dental implant. Everybody is not eligible candidate to undergo a dental implant. Patients, who have low bone density, have chronic illness and heavy smokers are not suitable for undergoing implant dentistry as the recovery period is slow.

Implant dentistry at Woodside, New York:

Implant dentistry treatments can change your life. From a single missing tooth to an entire set of lost teeth, implant dentistry enhance your appearance, speech, oral health, comfort and self esteem. So smile big, eat what you want and be a confident you! Ask our dentist at Smile Saver Online about treatment, process, cost and recovery time before undergoing a dental implant. Our dentist will be pleased to hear from you. Call TODAY and make an appointment.

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