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Full Mouth Restoration in WoodSide NY

Full Mouth Restoration in WoodSide NY

Full mouth restoration is reconstruction or rejuvenation that involves a treatment plan for completely restoring oral health. Treatment includes restorative care, cosmetic care, prosthetic care, periodontal care and TMJ procedures. Full mouth restoration also includes root canal treatment and dental implant. Each treatment is unique in its own way because it’s based upon the patients needs and desired outcomes. One can visit our dental practice at Woodside in New York for a perfect complete full mouth restoration.

Lead better quality of life with full mouth restoration:

One of the greatest advantages of full mouth restoration is the patients renewed confidence, comfort and better quality of life after undergoing treatment. As a smile looks more attractive and bad breadth is eliminated, full mouth restoration can make a person feel more confident in personal and professional podium.

Full mouth restoration is normally offered by many general dentists. Often the treatment involves specific procedures undertaken by specialists such as endodontist, periodontist, prosthodontist, oral surgeon and pedodontist. Usually a full mouth restoration is served by a dentist who has vast experience and undergone intense training in full mouth restoration.

Full mouth restoration treatment generally depends upon the treatment plan, patient dental record and patient’s recovery period. After evaluation and discussion, your dentist should be in a position to provide a treatment time frame. Age can play an important factor in treatment planning since elderly patients often have health related issues that must be considered prior to undergoing a full mouth restoration. Dentist has the option of using materials and procedures that can make your dental treatment more affordable. Do discuss the pros and the cons of various dental materials and treatment options with your dentist prior to undertaking a full mouth restoration.

Is full mouth restoration painful?

With the advancement of modern dental anesthetics and sedation, you will not feel any pain during the course of the treatment. Your dentist will suggest the appropriate level of sedation and prescribe required pain relievers for your relief and comfort.

The success of the full mouth restoration treatment lies upon your oral health, general health, oral hygiene and complying with dentists instructions.

If you have any queries about full mouth restoration, you can visit or call our dental practice based in Woodside, New York. Our dentist will explain in detail about the treatment, procedure, recovery period and the cost. We practice a fair and honest treatment to our patients. Do schedule an appointment and feel the difference!

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