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Dental Inlays in Woodside NY

Dental Inlays in Woodside NY

Dental inlays are restorations used to repair the rear portion of the teeth that have decayed mildly. Dental Inlays can also be applied for teeth that are cracked or fractured. They enhance your smile and appearance to a great extent. Our dental practice at Woodside, New York offer the best dental inlays for the community living in and around the city of Woodside.

Importance of Dental Inlays:

Dental inlays are primarily used to restore decayed or damaged tooth lying indented on top surfaces between the cusps of the teeth. They can also be used to replace old or damaged metal fillings. Dental inlays require two to three dental visits. In the first visit to your dentist, an impression of your tooth will be made where a temporary inlay will be placed over the tooth. Further your dentist will send the inlays to the lab to match your tooth's specifications. During your next visit the temporary inlay will be removed and the permanent inlays will be placed carefully over your mouth.

Dental inlays are used to restore the teeth which are badly affected by decay or cavities. The restorations can be used to fill in areas where the treatment is undertaken in the center of the tooth. Dental inlays make an excellent alternative to dental crowns and metal fillings. Inlays are made from durable, tooth colored materials like ceramic and porcelain. They are more enduring and natural looking than metal fillings. Since dental inlays are custom made, it helps the dentist to securely bond them to the surface of the tooth. By doing so it prevents bacteria and other germs from entering and forming cavities.

Off all the materials available to make an inlay, gold is the most long lasting and hard wearing filling material that will last for several years. The main merits of gold inlays are that they do not tarnish and has great resistance and strength.

Want to know more about dental inlays, procedure, cost and the treatment; you can visit Smile Saver Dental Care in Woodside, New York. Our dentist has mastered the process of dental inlays so that they perfectly fit in your teeth. Call NOW to make an appointment!

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