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Dental Bridges in Woodside NY

Missing or lost tooth is one of the biggest drawbacks in a person’s life. It hinders the normal activities like chewing and eating food. Thus dental bridges help to restore the oral health and appearance of your smile. We at Smile Savers Dental Care offer our community in city of Woodside with one of the best dental bridges.

Why Dental Bridges:

Dental bridges not only restore the missing tooth, but also support remaining teeth. Dental bridges helps in keeping our teeth in perfect position and ensures proper bite. If you are one of them facing an embarrassment due to missing tooth, dental bridges may be the right option for you. Dental bridges offer long term dental solutions and helps in preventing shifting and drifting of remaining teeth. It also keeps tooth decay and gum related diseases at bay.

A dental bridge is a device placed to anchor the surrounding teeth. When a lost tooth is replaced with bridges, the teeth present on either side of the missing teeth must be prepared to give way for crowns to serve as abutments to hold the bridge in its place. This takes about two to three dental visits to complete the treatment.

Your dentist will examine the area of the lost tooth and takes appropriate measurement to prepare a temporary dental bridge. A dental bridge has to be carefully prepared to match your natural teeth and ensure a correct bite. Dental bridges are made from gold, metal, porcelain or a combination of all these materials. Dental bridges can be either fixed or removable. A fixed dental bridge can only be taken out by a dentist unlike a removable dental bridge which one can remove and clean.

Dental bridges at Woodside / New York:

Our dental practice based in the beautiful city of Woodside has plenty to offer its communities with regard to dental bridges. Our dentist has mastered the work of bridge works and you can choose a dental bridge as per your choice, color of your teeth and the cost. If you want to know more about dental bridges, don’t hesitate to call Smile Savers Dental Care. Our dentist will advise and recommend the best dental bridges that suits and matches your appearance. Book an appointment and our dentist will do the rest.

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